Unable fo see/manage database


I use well my database
and is all ok in my site.
The problem is, when I try to acces it from the Control Panel, I get a message like
No tables found in database.
The error image is here ------> https://i.imgur.com/FyB9bmq.png

Can anyone helps me?

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That database has no tables. Are you sure that your website is not using another database?

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In the image, the URL is the one Control Panel redirects.
That is my question… How can I get the real database URL?
At the site, there’s lots of data and all works fine…

That’s hard to say. It seems like a custom website so the developer is the one that should now where the database connection strings are in the website’s code. You could even be using an external database server. It’s impossible to know without looking at the code.

Do you have anyway to contact the person who developed the site? He/she should be able to tell you where to look for that information. He will know what’s the file where those database connection strings are.

I checked your database settings (htdocs/include/bdinit.php) and I see references to a user b5_23461528. That’s a ByetHost account. Since they are on the same platform, you can connect from your InfinityFree account to a ByetHost database.

So your database at your account with us is indeed empty. Because you’re not using that database.

I would highly recommend to move the database to the same hosting account. You wouldn’t be the first whose old account got shut down because there was no web traffic, and then taking down their website on a different account.


Thanks a lot, now I understand and I will move the database.

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