Ultimate Premium plan

Hello.We are planning to upgrade our current infinity free account to iFastNet Ultimate premium plan but before upgrading I want to make few things clear (they are listed below) so that this plan suites our needs.

1)We want to make 1000+ sub domains and 1000+ mysql.
2)We are expecting 1500 active users daily per each sub domain.
3)We will use chatting scripts in every sub domain.
4)Unlimited bandwidth daily.
5)Unlimited storage space.

So,All the above needs will be covered in this Ultimate premium plan? Please let us know so that we can upgrade ASAP.

press green button Compare business plans

press green button Server Limits (possible problem with intense chats)

50 users per server what does that mean.

I’m sorry but I do not know the answer (it’s not clear)
probably think about some management (simultaneously logged in)

hmm… there is no big difference between your ultimative and business
except in EP Processes and emails per hour…
so probably your requirements meet with a much cheaper variant
(but these are the general features - which should certainly be checked in detail)

admins will probably explain

@yunus18 said:
50 users per server what does that mean.

It means that for every physical server iFastNet has, there will be only 50 customers on it. Regular web hosting servers have hundreds or thousands of customers on them, so you get a lot more room.

That said, iFastNet is a third party service. You should ask iFastNet directly to learn more about their service: Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server, VPS Server