Uh oh...where do I go from here? New domain set up and now needing a website

I pointed my domain to InfinityFree nameservers.

I don’t have a website and thought WP was free but when I try to Map this domain to use it as your site address it wants me to pay.

Having only sorted the domain at this point, how can I create a free website and host it on Infinity Free?



It is indeed. Wordpress.com is not free as your are using own domain

See below…


https://wp.com is not free
https://wp.org is free


Hey man listen i was the same a while back! so do you have any experience with coding? if not you should visit https://w3schools.com it has alot of tutorials on coding that will hopefully help you, and to edit the website and add files to it you can use https://filemanager.ai/ which is easily accessible by pressing the File manager button on your website dashboard just like in this screen shot

after you press the file manager button it will instantly redirect you and log you in once your in you just have to enter the htdocs folder and then all your website code should be there! also if you want you can google website templates then find ones that suit you then you can download them and import them into your website then edit them as you would please! hopefully i was able to help you! :smiley:


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