Two SSL certificates on the same domain, how to solve?

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I mistakenly installed two SSL certificates on the same domain “”, the first is Let’s Encrypt and the second is GoGetSSL, and now I can’t access the site anymore, I get “We couldn’t find that page.
404”. Can you help me?
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You can’t install more than one certificates at the same time, the previous one will get overridden.

Also, your site is working fine for me, I see a new WordPress installation. The /admin path the not working because it does not exsist. It should be /WP-admin


I used softaculous, automatic installation… I already installed wordpress with this procedure and it worked… later, to try to solve some SSL problems, I deleted the site and reinstalled and now I don’t see the login panel anymore… it gives me the code 404

I see it.

Yes, yesterday after several attempts (I uninstalled and reinstalled wordpress several times) it finally fixed itself. Thank you

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