Two HTML pages 404 and none of my pages have my CSS

I’ve uploaded my site through FileZilla (everything was working as local) but once it has been uploaded it seems two of my HTML pages redirect to a 404 (contact.html and catalogue.html) basically I’m just confused if this is a me issue or an IF issue.

My URL is

I’ll provide screenshots of index.html of what I see from the hosted site and what I see on the local file.

First image is the hosted site and second is the local site: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

For the pages contact.html and catalogue.html they work fine on my end; it’s just a caching issue on your end.
But the CSS file redirects to catalogue.html, maybe with a htaccess redirect, so fix it.

I don’t really understand how I can fix this.

Your home page refers to two CSS files: css/homeCSS.css and css/HomeCSS.css. The latter link doesn’t work (and can probably be safely removed).

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