Twitch embed contents not loading anymore


I am a streamer and I use this service to host my personal webpage with some off-stream content to my community.

Recently I stumbled up with an issue that is preventing my website to load a collection of videos that I set to be loaded as a preview of my work.

When looked upon the error, I saw the following error message:

Refused to frame ‘Twitch because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “frame-ancestors”.

I already contacted Twitch and they advised me to contact the support team to check if there ware any changes in the CSP, since those embeds used to work and stopped working suddenly.

A copy of the same website is hosted on github pages and it works as intended…

Could you guys offer some clues on how to make them work again, please?

Sorry if this topic is a duplicate, Ialready deleted the old one because it was not in the right category!

You need to set the HTTP version of your website as frame ancestor on the Twitch player settings for your domain.

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The’ can’t reload the embed frame to your website since your HTTPS protocol is an error.

I agree with this solution.

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Thanks guys, any clues then on how to make my free domain to be HTTPS?

You can use this tool from infinityfree to get FREE SSL:

i tried doing that using the “parent” option as indicated, and that didn’t work.

Since you are using the domain given by InfinityFree, I think you can’t HTTPS.

It would be only feasible if it is a custom domain.

The SSL certificate tool that was given by InfinityFree will not work on & domains. You’ll need to find another SSL provider that supports subdomains only.


Or just leave the page running on the Github, which is what I am about to do…

Ty anyways for all the feedback…

You can get free domains for your website, tho!

I made use of that service a while ago - that still will get me the problem where I can’t use free SSL certificates to use on with inifity free… i will think later on what I would do, since all the cost for making that work if out of commision, when I can use github pages for free and have the features I need.

You could just use Cloudfare for free 1 year certificate for your freenom domain, if you don’t want to use the Infinityfree SSL tool.

Well, I will think about everything that it’s being said here when I have time and really focused mind to work on all the process… right now I am feeling a bit stressed right now with all this mess…

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