Trying to update my SSL certificate


Error Message

“Unable to login to your hosting account. Please make sure the account is
active and the password in the client area is correct.”

Other Information

Not quite sure what password is being referred to here. I’m logged in, no?

Close, then re-open the client area’s account section ( Select your account, then choose “Control Panel” allow the control panel to load fully. Close the control panel, then re-attempt to install the certificate.


Tried to do that, but receive the following: “We are unable to log you in with the information you provided. Please check your username and password and try again 1”.

That likely means the hosting account password was changed outside of the client area.

From the client area (, please find your account and go to Edit Account. From there, please change the password of the hosting account.

After that, please using the Control Panel button in the client area to confirm that logging in works. If it does, then the automatic SSL installation should work as well.


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