Trying to set custom NS but

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Can’t add custom NS on free webhost.

Other Information

Hello, i want to add custom nameservers on my free webhosting account via VPanel on CNAME RECORDS but i don’t know how to set it.
I visited Help Center on section Domains and DNS but i could’t found what i was looking for.

Can anyone help me? - Thanks

Pls upgrade to premium hosting if you need custom nameservers


But how do i change the nameservers to get free SSL?
Because i can’t

If you want to change nameservers, you can only do it from your domain registrar.
If you want free SSL, use SSL tool from infinityfree.

You need to add CNAME record that looks something like this.


Off topic:
Thats a very nice website
yo like that looks sick :open_mouth:

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