Trying to rename account

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: An empty directory listing

I’m using this software: Firefox

Additional information:

I have three accounts with InfinityFree and I wanted to use the oldest for a different purpose. I mentioned the original subdomain name above but now I want that name to be sfl- I THOUGHT I’d successfully renamed it but just to be sure, I tried uploading some files to there with Filezilla. Filezilla gave me no errors but when I try to go to the renamed subdomain, I get an empty directory listing - completely empty: there’s not a single file there. When I try to list the contents at the old subdomain name, I don’t get any directory listing at all.

Something tells me I’ve buggered up the account. Can you tell me how to either fix it or delete it so that I can have something different as my oldest account? I want to be very sure I don’t delete either of my other two accounts, aux01 and aux02.

Sorry, I inadvertently gave some wrong information in my question. The original account name was, not what I stated above. Also, it seems that rather than renamed that account, I’ve added a subdomain with the name I wanted below it! I can see it in Filezilla and put files there.

I could almost live with that if I had any idea how to view the pages I’m creating. As a newby, your forum won’t let me write more than 1 or 2 URLs in the post so rather than telling you what I’ve tried, perhaps you can tell me what URL will now get to the sfl-w3 account I seem to have created WITHIN my existing oldest account, which has this home directory:

Of course, I’d really rather just delete the account and re-create it with my desired name if its not possible to simply rename it. But tell me how to access this new subdomain-within-my-account and I’ll muddle along with it until it becomes unmanageable.

There is sadly not possible to “rename” a domain name or account. You can create new hosting accounts with other domain names, or you can add or remove domain names from an existing account.

It’s possible to add another free subdomain to an account after it’s created, but it will be assigned to it’s own, separate directory. And since it’s not possible to customize the document root of a domain name, this means it’s not possible for two subdomains to serve the exact same folder on free hosting.

So, in short, if you want to move your website to another subdomain, there are two options:

  • You can add the subdomain to the existing account, and move/copy the website files to the separate directory of the new subdomain.
  • You can create a new hosting account with the new subdomain, and move/copy your website files to it.

But changing the subdomain without having to move the files is, sadly, not an option.

Sorry for the delay in responding; I’ve had a frantic week and couldn’t get back to it until now.

I’m confused by your answer to my question. I have the free hosting plan which is limited to three SOMETHINGS (I’m not sure if those somethings are called accounts or something else). I’ve used all three of those somethings now. The one named needs to get a different name if it is to properly reflect what I now want to do with it.

If I understand you correctly, I cannot simply change the first part of the name to something else. Is that right?

If I understand that correctly, I am left with deleting that something so that I can get the number of somethings I’ve used down to 2, then I can create a new something with any name I like (provided it is unique).

If I’ve got all of that right so far, how do I delete the something that I want to delete so that I can create a new one?

I’m sorry for calling it a “something” but I truly don’t know what it SHOULD be called: a sub-account? A subdomain? A domain? To me, the account is all of the rights and privileges I’m entitled to for all of my projects as a subscriber to your hosting service but I’m not sure if that’s what YOU mean when you say account. A “something”, as I’ve used it in this post, is one area within where I can do mockups of websites.

I will be quite happy to rephrase my question yet again with the correct terminology if you tell me what that is but I’m hoping my question is clear enough now that you can answer it clearly and then I can get on with it without further questions :slight_smile:

Let’s first get the terminology straight:

  • You can login to (the client area) and to this forum with your client area profile. You can have only one of these.
  • Within your profile, you can have up to three hosting accounts. These hosting accounts have things like an FTP and database username and password.
  • Every hosting account has a label. It doesn’t really do anything, it’s just a piece of text you can use to identify the account.
  • On a single hosting account, you can have multiple domain names. These are the things like and which you can type in your browser bar to view your website on.
  • Every domain name has a document root. This is the folder in your hosting account which holds the files which are served from that domain name.

You’re right, it’s not possible to change a domain name. It’s possible to edit a domain name, but it is possible to add and remove domain names from hosting accounts.

But when you add a domain name, it’s automatically assigned to a document root. For the first domain name of the account, this is the htdocs folder. Every domain added to an account later on gets a different document root where the files should be uploaded to. This typically creates a folder of your domain name, with another htdocs folder within that.

So when you remove the original domain name from an account, and add a new domain, you will have to move your website files from the folder of the original domain to the folder of the new domain.

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Thank you VERY much for clarifying the terminology! You have no idea how much easier it is to talk about something when you have the same understanding of the terms as the person you are talking to…

As you probably realized, the “something” that I was talking about renaming was one of my three hosting accounts.

Now, your remarks say “You’re right, it’s not possible to change a domain name. It’s possible to edit a domain name, but it is possible to add and remove domain names from hosting accounts.” In the second sentence, am I correct in thinking that you meant say it’s NOT possible to edit a domain name? Otherwise you are contradicting the preceding sentence.

You say that I could have additional domain names on that hosting account. How many domain names can you have in one hosting account? Am I correct in assuming that I could have as many as I want but that I’d very quickly reach the space limit because I don’t get any additional space for each domain name I add to the hosting account?

yes, you are correct

You can host an “unlimited” number of domains/websites on a single hosting account (you get three accounts)
however hosting multiple sites on one account increase the risk of hitting resource limits.

I use the term Unlimited
But you understand that ultimately there is no such thing as “Unlimited”
Because it all depends on software and hardware limitations… (free RAM and 64 bit OS RAM allocation)
You can’t have a million websites :smile:

I’ve gone ahead and created a second domain on the sandbox-aux01 hosting account, then deleted the files (except for htdocs which it won’t let me delete) since I don’t need those files any more. I can get to the new domain just fine and it works as expected so that’s great. (I was pleasantly surprised that I could call it whatever I liked as long as the name was unique; until I tried it, I was concerned that I’d have to give it a name like

Thank you very much, Admin and OxyDac, for clearing things up for me!


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