Trying to remove infinityfree from my domian

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Hello, so i’ve recently decided to move to infinityfree but its not really working well for me so i decided to try and remove my account and use a different host provider. I removed my domain from the addon in the control panel and then deactivated. I thought it would work but it didn’t, I changed name servers and tried everything that i could think of but yet my domain still redirects to

InfinityFree is great but i want to use a different host and i am having troubles with it. I want to remove my account so i can use my domain somwhere else.

if anyone knows what to do please comment or let me know somehow.

Domain bought from porkbun if that helps


Since you deactivated the account and changed the nameservers to your new host, that’s all you have to do.

You are getting redirected because your computer does not know you changed hosts, and since you removed the domain from InfininityFree, we don’t have a website to show visitors.

You can fix this by clearing your DNS cache (Your users, if you have any, will have to do this as well). This is an internet thing, not an InfinityFree thing, and you can learn more below.

Tip for the future: Leave your old website on your old host active for 3 days before you delete it


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