Trying to migrate site with blogvault, continuous error- "we are unable to contact the source site". Help please!

Having issues using Blogvault to migrate site over to dreamhost as infinity free keeps suspending my account as I edit with Elementor.

I have been told the data I am inputting for the NEW site is correct from dreamhost support (FTP password etc), but keeps returning same error- cannot connect to SOURCE site- so there is some issue with infinity free.

Destination URL:
Server FTP IP: took a lot to get him to give me a proper answer, finally he gave me
FTP type: SFTP
FTP Username: my DREAMHOST Ftp username (correct?)
FTP password: my DREAMOST FTP password (correct)?

Why won’t it connect? Originally I believed that I couldn’t connect because I was trying to transfer whilst the site was suspended, but it says active in cpanel and I’ve waited 24+ hours, still same issue.

Any help would be much appreciated, I want to get this build out of the way!

Sorry just want to add- the destination site url is incorrect I believe it should be what I inputted in the text, , originally the support guy gave me the server url – if someone can confirm which is correct?

Infinityfree does not use SFTP. You have that selected in your screenshot, please try using FTP instead.

Please Contact Dreamhost staff, not us :slight_smile:


In addition to what has already been said, you may find it’s easier to just migrate the whole installation rather than using some fancy smancy backup plugin (which in my experience are much more error prone). We’ve described how to do this here:

Additionally, any good premium hosting provider should provide you with a migration service. iFastNet does do this, for example. Maybe Dreamhost can migrate your website if you just ask them?


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