Trying to make my website backwards compatible

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I am trying to host a retro website that should be accessible on older browsers but it seems to not be working on older versions of ie.

IE 1-3: Cannot load
IE 4: blank page
IE 5-6: cookies error

if anyone know what I need to change to make it work please let me know

How your website displays on different browsers has to do with how you code your website. If you want to go that far back, you can probably only use the HMTL1.0 and HTML1.1 stardard. It will be pretty hard, so good luck!

Well I put the files before uploading and it worked find I think it’s something with the server config

IE 1-3: Don’t know what the problem is. Most likely DNS stuff.
IE 4: Incorrect HTML
IE 5-7: Enable cookies and JavaScript.

But will any of your visitors use these versions? The oldest one most interacted with is IE 8 on Windows 7 and then IE 6 on Windows XP.


Maybe the source of traffic is old people, i.e website related to old people. Or is it just for testing :cowboy_hat_face:?

It’s a website for testing

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Our servers are configured to support modern browsers and devices, and the up to date performance and security features they provide. We want to provide a fast and safe hosting service, after all.

Internet Explorer 6 and before are extremely old, and are full of security bugs and outdated protocols that are not considered safe anymore. Nobody should be using those browsers anymore.

Building sites for older websites is definitely a cool project, but not something we can support without putting newer sites in danger. So we can’t support it.


well is there at least away to have no cookies on my website

Making a website for older browser is a project for fun

Nope, sorry! This isn’t possible on InfinityFree because of the security system:

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