Trying to install a phpbb forum run into a snag, help needed

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Website is

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This site can’t be reached

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


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this is happening when i click on "Softaculous App Installer

I am[following the instructions in the tutorial for installing a PHPBB forum at infinityfree’s how-would-i-go-about-hosting-my-own-phpbb-forum/31799

thank you for looking into this query, i really appreciate it

Hello and welcome.
Do you have a proxy set up? This sounds like a proxy issue. Try following the steps below:

Also, please remove the Softaculous website link. With that link, anyone can enter to your Control Panel or Softaculous!


thank you and will do

how do i edit my previous post as i cannot see the option to do so

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is there an @Admin that can help with the removal of these details please

There should be an pencil where you can edit on the right-hand of the topic, like this:
However, I would wait for the @moderators (sorry for the ping) to remove the URL, as if you edit anyone can see what it looked like before.


Thank you

i cannot see the pencil, however that could be one of the limitations of a newbie…??

no worries, i am glad for the ping to remove the URL

it seems best advice to wait for the @moderators to see this and take the necessary action they can



Yes, not being able to edit your post after 5 minutes is a limitation put in new users.

Also, note that even if you edit the post, the edit is still visible by viewing the edit history. And if the public topic mentions that topic contains a password, people that want to harm know exactly where to look.

For that reason, please send a PM to either myself or OxyDac, and we will take care of it.

And just so you know, pinging @moderators does not result in a notification to us. So we don’t get overwhelmed, most of us only get a notification for a PM, or when we ask the system to send us notifications on a specific topic (In short, we have pings turned off).


Thank you very much

sadly i cannot locate the PM function by clicking on you avatar to send you a PM as per your request

Thankfully and thanks to @anon46092769 for the link he provided, i have fixed the issue by using another browser and the forum is now installed

therefore due to the nature of the security issue at hand, this query can be deleted, if at all possible

Thank you both for your help and support, i really appreciate it


Since you are a new user, you cannot PM anyone due to limitations.

Happy to help! If you want, check my post as the answer by clicking on the “Solution” button on my post.


Thank you very much, i really appreciate it



For your own security, please change your account password by logging into the client panel, selecting your account, and going to “Edit Settings”


I cannot locate any way to change password in the account settings using

all it gives me is information about ftp, php, sql and a few others with a few options to download or view for those specific topics

You can find the option to edit your password at Login to your account - InfinityFree.
Click your account and click “Edit Settings”.


Thank you

it looks like that is what i need to use, since i cannot locate it in the settings

Client panel, not control panel :slight_smile:

See the link posted by akshayan


thank you, that worked a charm


thank you, it worked a charm


No problem, come back here if you have any more issues!


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