Trustpilot 1star reviews

Hi, iv now loaded 3 websites

very pleased with the loading speeds here on infinity,
but today i looked at the trustpilot 1 star reviews
and they seem to complain, of
their website suspension,… soon after they uploaded their
finished websites.

will this happen to mine in a few days ?

There are a few limits on IF, simply so all users have a fast website. If someone was to go over the limits, than it would be unfair for others because there site may slow down.

The limits are kind of hard to reach unless you have a lot of content and/or visitors on your site. For example, a site I manage here gets ~12 views daily and is mostly HTML code, it never gets close to the limits. However, if you add large PHP applications (Think ecommerance or PHP forums) and have a lot of visitors, you will hit the limits quickly because each time a person visits, it strains the server because of the large amount of code needed to show the page correctly.

So basically, if you have few visitors and a normal site (WP is normal is you ask me), you should not have a problem. When you add large PHP scrips (ecommerance, PHP forums) and have a lot of visitors, you will quickly get suspended, as free hosting is not meant for that.

Hope that was helpful.


Thankyou very much for the info
i hope i dont go over the limit " whatever the limit is "
i suppose ill find out one day, when my websites are gone.

All of the limits are listed on the support page ( under the “Fair Useage Limits” section.

Well, your websites won’t disappear, they will just become unavailable for 24 hours, then you can access them again. (Unless you are suspended for abuse, but you can still request that the non-abusive files be returned to you, and you can still create a new account without those files)



great thanx G
Is there a limit to how many “subdomains” you can have ?

Nope! You can see these things on the “Statistics” panel in the control panel.


thats amazing…thankyou

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Just to mention something:

  1. Most of times people who vote down are either beginner and expect things to always be proper, hence when a little failure happens, instead of debugging the issue they blame the provider. Or some are just mean and trolling.

  2. What would you expect from free stuff though? Developing things are very costly and you need money for it, so you need to get it from your customers, If you don’t then you’ll fail. That’s why free providers put limitations for free users which is not suitable with advanced things to develop. Some don’t accept this fact and feed the free servers huge things and then blame the providers and calling them money beggers because they’re suspended for reaching limitations.


Thanx Bayodino
yes i understand the concept of “FRUSTRATION”


Just a side note that technically, yes it’s unlimited however inodes limit the amount of files you can have on the server and “Daily Hits” is how many files are requested. So yes the disk space and bandwith is unlimited, but every host has some sort of limit for stability and to keep the hosting running.


Thanx TL
InfinityFree enforces a limit of 50,000 hits in a single day

WOW I cant imagine anyone here could ever get that much traffic in a 24 hour period.
Unless your a Celebrity

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