Troubles with FTP


I’m bothered with Filezilla tryin’ to access my site

> "Warning you’ve previously connected to this server using FTP over TLS, yet the server as now rejected FTP over TLS.
> This may be the result of a downgrade attack , only continue after you’ve spoken to the server admin or server hosting provider.
> If U continue, your password and files will be sent in clear …"

What’s the matter and what must I do?

Thks for responding.

Can you try using a VPN? A bit of research indicates that it is done on ISP/router’s behalf.


Thks for answerin’. I haven’t any VPN available. I’m using my cellular smatphone as an emergency modem.

Our servers do support FTP over TLS. So, the message is very wise:

Do not continue.

This may indeed be the result of a downgrade attack. Or at least of something in the network trying to intercept the FTP connection. Do not ignore this error, because your credentials WILL be exposed to whomever is trying to hack your connection.

It’s your connection that’s compromised, so you will need to fix this. If your network doesn’t allow secure FTP connections, then there is no way we can fix that for you. A (trustworthy) VPN is usually a good way to work around most network level issues, but a different network connection will not work.

If you only have 4G (which is apparently compromised), no other options and no VPN, then you will not be able to safely transfer files.


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