Troubles loading website and connecting to ftp

website -
ip -


WIll start with the fact, that the website files weren’t changed in a last day and a half or so, and this issue started to happen like half an hour ago, so first of all - pretty often, when you reload the page (with cache clearing, shift + f5) website is not fully loaded - many sections, like body, footer etc are not loaded and only few blocks are, and second of all - like ten minutes ago I started experiencing troubles connecting to ftp, even tho few minutes ago everything was fine with it

Looks ok


Yea, it does load fine sometimes, but that’s how it looks other times

upd: wanted to clear that it isn’t only me who sees this issue, few people told me they’ve experienced the same thing

I believe ftp is down at the moment


Well that clarifies something at least, thanks

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