Trouble with the SSL implementation on our website


We have set up our SSL certificate, but unfortunately, it is not functioning correctly. Perhaps someone here can assist us in getting the SSL certificate to work on our website.

We are hosting our website with InfinityFree, and our domain provider is STRATO.

We have already added the CNAME in the STRATO domain settings and set up an SSL certificate (using Let’s Encrypt) on InfinityFree.

Have you inserted SSL certificate ??

in our domain provider settings?

Once you added cname records then you should generate the SSL certificate…
For that ur cname records should properly propagated through DNS… DNS propagation take some time!
Check that using SSL tab then you can download the certificate with key


we cant create a ssl certificat in the ssl tab because is says " (no CNAME found) Not Ready" also we configured our cname at the domain provider a few days ago so it already should be propagated

If not ready means NOT CNAME PROPAGATED!

Wait for some time !

If take more time than 72hours then try request new SSL and dlt old cname and add new cnames then try!

If your site is hosted on IF then use cpanel for add the cname.

If you use Cloud flare then disable it or add cnames on CF dashboard

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never mind we maby found our problem in our subdomain we habe the domain but our Addon Domain in ininityfree is one with a s on the end of keksgame and the other one without that is properbly the problem

You can use pretty much any domain from any hosting provider to get an SSL certificate with us. It’s easiest if the domain is hosted with us and is using our nameservers, but it’s not required.

I checked the CNAME record for myself and got no results, so my guess is that the either the DNS records on Strato are not correct or have not taken effect.

We may be able to help you with this, but you could also ask Strato how to setup this DNS record on your domain, as they likely know more about how to use their DNS manager than we do.

But if you want our help, please share a screenshot of your DNS records at Strato so we can verify that the record is configured correctly.


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