Trouble with the permissions!

I’m hosting a coppermine gallery on this url:

I have been uploading pictures just fine on the gallery however I suddenly got the error “impossible to move” and i can no longer add anything to the gallery.

I have searched the cause of this error and its apparently related to the permissions of the server or something like that, i was told to change the permissions of the directories on filezille to “755” however even after changing basically all files in filezilla with that permission i’m still having the same issue “Impossible to move” so coppermine said i should ask my webhost for help so… lol help please i’m so lost i’m not that good with php and stuff like that code is not my thing im trying my best

For security purposes and making sure the server structure remains intact, InfinityFree does not let you use chmod (changing permissions like you were suggested to do) but that also should not have been changed in a way on IF’s end that would stop you from uploading. Have you checked your control panel to see if you’re hitting the inode limit?


Hi mabevachi,

Try to stick with FileZilla for the uploads and avoid using web file manager whenever possible.

To work around this:

  1. Create a dummy folder in FileZilla right next to your current album folder.
  2. using FileZilla, drag all photos to the dummy folder.
  3. Delete the empty album folder.
  4. Rename the dummy folder to album.

Your permission should be good and you can continue uploading photos there.



I checked your account, and given how you were able to upload images before but not anymore now, I’m going to guess that this may be caused by hitting the disk space limits or inode limits. The counters in your control panel all show (almost) zero, but you also know that this cannot be right.

In your account, I see you have a htdocs directory with some websites files, but no domain name linked to it. Your actual website is located in the folder

So there are files in the main htdocs directory that are not being used by any website. Which means you can remove them and reduce your disk usage without any impact to your actual site.

The default permissions of all directories are 755, and we disabled the ability to change it. PHP always has write access to the files of the website it runs on, so whatever the issue is, it’s not related to directory permissions.

Also, if it were a permissions issue, you wouldn’t have been able to upload any image ever. If it stops working

Oh, no, chmod is fine for the integrity of our hosting. It’s just that there is no reason to ever use it, and incorrectly using it can irreparably mess up your account.


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