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Initially, my Name server included 2 Cloudflare and 2 Infinityfree entries. My website was functioning properly at that time. However, since Infinityfree is not an API host, I followed the tutorial ‘A full guide to Cloudflare’ and retained only the 2 Cloudflare entries in Name server. Additionally, I added 2 records (A @ IP from Infinityfree and A www IP from Infinityfree). Currently, there are 2 A records, 5 MX records (forward5.registrar-se…forward4.registrar-se…forward3.registrar-se… forward2.registrar-se… forward1.registrar-se…), and 1 TXT record (“v=spf1 include:sp…”).

However, after waiting overnight, my website became inaccessible. I am unsure where the issue might be arising from. Can you please assist me?

Have you checked the name server again?

yes, I didn’t change the name server for Cloudflare, I only deleted two for Infinityfree

Those DNS records look fine to me, and your domain is correctly pointing to Cloudflare’s nameservers.

However, for some reason, no DNS records appear to have been published by Cloudflare. All I can say is that this is probably an error on Cloudflare’s side, but we’re not Cloudflare, so I cannot say for certain. That said, Cloudflare did suffer a quite large outage in the last few days with their dashboard, and it’s not unlikely that this caused some trouble for your site too.

You could try to delete the records and recreate them, that may jog the system and make it publish the right records.


okey!!! thank you so much for your help!!!

Hi, I recreated the records, and I think my website is now working perfectly!

However, I am still encountering the error: ‘This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support’ when attempting to use my API.

Does this mean that even if I use my custom domain and Cloudflare, I still can’t avoid the restrictions if I add records on Infinityfree?


Ok! Thank you! I’ll wait for them to fix it and then give it a try! Just confirming that changing the Name server to Cloudflare and adding the infinityfree in the records allows the creation of the API site. Anyway, thanks a lot!

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