Trouble uploading Mobirise to site

I have tried to use Mobirise to “Publish” my site using the FTP option. I continue to get “Error: connectECONNREFUSED” When I did the test with all parameters, It told me that the “connection was successful” I have since loaded my website using filezilla, but I would like to be able to “Publish” directly from Mobirise. What am I doing wrong?


select the FTP option and configure the required parameters

more details FTP publishing

if you find it helpful

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I fixed my own problem with loading Mobirise into the website. I had to change to permissions for the HTDOCS directory to allow me to write in the directory and ALL subdirectories that Mobirise creates. My site is now working properly.

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Congratulations :smile:

this sentence took me in the wrong direction (like the rest)

I should have read the title more carefully

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