Trouble Getting Free SSL, Please Help

Hi. My URL is A few days ago, I tried to get a free SSL certificate from the Client Center. The CNAME records have already been created and the status for both records is “ready”. I even made sure the name servers were correct. When I press the “Refresh DNS” button, it says that the records are not pointing in the right direction. Please help.

Hi and welcome to the forum !

Please delete these three NS (on Freenom) because they do not exist (yellow)


so when “SSL bot” checking your domain - all NS’s (ns1 and ns2) respond and refer to the same place !

and then after 30 min - 1h
try again getting free SSL

Thank you


I refreshed the dns status and it still says the records are not pointing to the right destination.

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I just checked your CNAME records, and they are indeed not pointing to the right destination. The right destination looks like <token> Whereas your CNAME records are pointing to the literal word destination.

Please update your CNAME records to point to the destination value that is shown in the client area.


Thank you so much.

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