Trouble accessing wp dashboard

I no longer have access to my domain name (
how can I access my wp dashboard (i only have the website backup that I’ve installed from softaculous apps installer

Have you forgotten??


the backup of my site on winrar.tar format
how can I change that and upload it to a new WordPress site

besides, I have this domain name that I want to import in it my backup

Extract it locally then upload via ftp (filezilla)

Read this


I uploaded my backup file using Filezilla to this domain (
what should I do next? cuz nothing changed

You need to read

No one can help you if you do not read

Changing Your Domain Name and URLs

Moving a website and changing your domain name or URLs (i.e. from to, or to requires the following steps – in sequence.

  1. Download your existing site files.
  2. Export your database – go in to MySQL and export the database.
  3. Move the backed up files and database into a new folder – somewhere safe – this is your site backup.
  4. Log in to the site you want to move and go to Settings > General, then change the URLs. (ie from to ) – save the settings and expect to see a 404 page.
  5. Download your site files again.
  6. Export the database again.
  7. Edit wp-config.php with the new server’s MySQL database name, user and password.
  8. Upload the files.
  9. Import the database on the new server.

the problem is I don’t have any access to my old website. I only have a backup WinRAR file.

is there a way to change the backup file format to wp format so I can easily import it directly from my new wp site?

There is no such thing as a WordPress backup format. Moving a WordPress site is done by moving the files and database contents. Then you should have a SQL file with the database contents, and a folder with WordPress files (possibly packages as a zip or tar file).

WordPress has import/export tools, but you can only extract it from a live WordPress site. So then you’d need to use your current backup to setup a WordPress site, which is the goal in the first place. And importing these dumps in a site is very unreliable. Moving a full WordPress installation is not trivial, but it’s much easier than trying to make the importer work.

So the big question is: what’s in your tar file? Could you perhaps extract it and send a screenshot showing the list of files in it?


i’ve tried to import the backup file and it says ( File upload rejected by server

Contact your host and have them check your server’s error log.)

First of all, if you’re moving an existing site, please don’t install WordPress and don’t try any automagic importers. They don’t work with your backup, and generally cause more trouble than they solve. Please remove that entire WordPress installation because it will only get in the way.

Interestingly, that tar file that looks like a Softaculous backup. So I think you can use Softaculous to restore it as well:


Unlikely to work due to this requirement

This will only work if you have XML file as backup. Unfortunately your backup is of the Softaculous format. I believe this backup file is greater than 10mb as well.

You have to do it the manual way


Note : The backup will work fine only if the domain name and the path to the domain is the same as installation on old server.

yup not going to work cuz of this my friend

what is the manual way ?

You have to copy the necessary files and import database over to your new WP installation


can you tell me how to do that, please?

This thread should help

You can do this first


i uploaded my backup folder

You can’t do it like that. You need to upload the contents of your backup directly into the root folder.

So delete everything inside the htdocs folder, then upload the contents of your backup into the htdocs folder. DONT CREATE A NEW FOLDER MANUALLY.

Then, you need to open up PHPMyAdmin, confirm the database name is correct, and import your sql file.


Wholesale import of database tends to cause “critical error” in WP on IF

You are not following instructions. Read again

To avoid making a huge mess of your account, it works best if you clear the entire htdocs folder beforehand. This includes removing the current WordPress installation.

After all, you already have a WordPress installation in your backup, so no need to install another copy of WordPress.

Then upload the files to the htdocs directory, upload the database backups and update the database details in wp-config.php.