Trouble accessing wordpress dashboard

Hi, so I recently sold my domain name with my personal email address and now am having trouble accessing my WordPress dashboard, how can I access WordPress via my infinity free account (control panel or file manager)

I’ve tried to log in directly to but they say that username is not right

Logging in to will not work if your site is independent, which all Wordpress installs here are.

If you moved your website to a new domain, you need to configure the url in WordPress settings.


didn’t work bro

none of your mentioned domains use our NS
rather they are actually on totally different hosts

LOGIN = try this


i don’t own this domain name anymore ( I want to change it to

i changed the NS to infintyfree


i want to change this to this one

just change the domain name (the content on the site stays the same)

is this clear enough sir?

It does not work this way.
Make sure you have a backup of the contents and database to the old domain.
You need to restore it to the new domain


Please see the official WordPress instructions on how to move your site to a new domain:


Just a piece of information to other users that is hosted on amazon…com
where it has been for years and has probably never even been added here to hosting.


Thank you

Good catch!

Please make sure to use, not, when checking pages and updating settings. I remember we all had a lot of trouble with and, so let’s be extra careful to avoid repeating those mistakes.


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