Trojan on InfinityFree?

My MalwareBytes (Trial Premium) is blocking access to InfinityFree. It reports that there is a trojan on the FTP hostname


INFINTYFREE VIRUS? This is possible ?



What it seems to me is that you download FZ from here

and that it’s a sponsored version of exe that has a lot of third-party software that you can accidentally install if you’re not paying attention

so it is possible that this is the cause why the MB popping up

always download from here Download FileZilla Client

or you have something in your web directory…

In any case is a safe place

try putting this address in the ftp client instead of existing

and if the block comes out again from MB

invent/write some address like

just to see if the address is problem or warning is due to FZ.exe


Hi OxyDac,

Thank you for taking the time to give a detailed response to my post.

If I put into Firefox address bar MalwareBytes blocks that also, so I don’t think my installation of FileZilla is faulty. It may be that my Premium Trial version of MalwareBytes is being too fussy, perhaps to try to get me to pay for the premium version. My FileZilla is not blocking access to two other website hosts that I use.

Until I am totally happy that does not have a trojan, I will be using InfinityFree’s file manager.

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It sounds like a false positive. Although I have no idea why they would believe that an FTP server has a trojan.


Maybe MB did the same thing like Google Safe browsing(adding that red screen before all subdomains of IF).
maybe that ip was in a block list?


@Admin and @anon77371365
Thank you for your comments on this issue.


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