Transferring the website from one domain to another

Can I transfer my website from a free domain to another free domain?

If both domains are on the same account:

If they are on different accounts:


Both domains are on the same account
I followed the guide,
But the htdocs file cannot be copied and pasted
What is the solution please?

Read again


I actually read and tried to download the file but this error message appeared

The online file manager does not download big folders like that very well, it’s not built for that.

Use a desktop FTP client like FileZilla instead.


Yes, I actually read this in the manual, but I did not understand that it was intended to be used in the download process.
Because he did not explain the method in the manual,
How do I download the file through FileZilla?
Is it through the file link, for example?

Yes, I watched a video about FileZilla that I didn’t know about
I would like a way to connect FileZilla to the infinityfree website and transfer files, please


thank you so much

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