Transfering web host

Hi all,
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I am considering changing my web host from Bluehost to Infinityfree.

Has anyone else done this? The process for unlocking the account seems pretty straight forward. Also is it worth it/how do you like infinityfree.


Have a read:


this is useful, thank you. I am also wondering how registration works if I transfer. If I use infinityfree to host, will the registration stay with Bluehost? Should/can I transfer my domain registration? I am very new at this if that’s not already apparent.



Moving from premium to free?

Not sure what you mean here, I’m assuming infinityfree has these services?

My site is hosted on Bluehost currently, but I’m transferring from blue host because I don’t want to use/pay for their web builder. I want more customization so that’s why I’m looking to transfer.

InfinityFree has a site builder.

We don’t provide any domain registration services ourselves, so if you want to use a custom domain, you’ll need to have it registered somewhere. You can use almost any domain registrar you want for this, you can keep using BlueHost for this, or pick another registrar like NameSilo, NameCheap, Porkbun or whichever else you want.


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