Transfer Wix Site to Infinity Free

Hello everyone.

I want to transfer my Wix website to Infinity Free. I’m aware that Wix allows you to download your website somehow, but this is all new to me. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I checked and I’m not so sure about that.

The documentation of Wix, both here and here, say that exporting the entire site or individual pages is not possible, but also say “it’s just HTML”, which would imply it does work. But this external article says it may be possible, despite all screenshots in their article showing it’s not possible.

If all of that fails, then cloning the site with a tool like HTTrack may be an option.

In any case, at the end of it, you should end up with a folder or archive that contains the generated files of your website, like HTML, CSS and images. You can upload those files to our hosting using FTP:

However, I do urge you to think about how you will manage your site going forward. I assume the exported site will just be the generated website code. But you will no longer be able to manage the content with Wix (unless you plan to keep your Wix site and do the export dance every time you want to publish changes), which means you’ll probably need to use some other tool to make changes to your site.

You may have an easier time by picking a new tool to manage your website and migrate the content by hand than try to import the Wix site into another tool.


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