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Yesterday I transferred out of Infinity Free free hosting to paid hosting at IONOS where the domain name already is. It has a new https SSL certificate active there. Can you please delete out all the SSL certificates and associations for from my Infinity Free account. The website seems to still be picking up on the Infinity Free SSL certificate that I thought I was deleting by clicked revoked–which is keeping the website from working in its new hosting (except over mobile data only).

That is due to something called DNS propagation. Please be patient.


It also is going to

Clear your cache, just wait for 24 hours.


Please see the section “You are moving your domain name to another hosting provider” in this article. It explains exactly what happened to your site too.


The website shows fine from the new hosting on cell ‘phone data’ just fine. I even edited it a bit (WordPress) on iPad using cell data. It is the general internet that isn’t connecting all the dots for desktops.

It up and running. Thanks everyone!


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