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Look, I tried to be in touch with this company by getting a ticket, but I have to say, I never seen the poor customer service like this, it’s been 2 days since I upgrade my account but no one responded to me I need my website to back as soon as possible, can you let me know what is the easiest way to be connect with this guys???
If I don’t get any answer I will cancel my account

I am trying to get a ticket and support but receiving an error, there is no way to be in touch with them :rage:

This is an error I am getting right now when I try to get a ticket

When I refer back to my account there is no option to check the captcha form, I really need my website back by today

You don’t see the Google ReCapha thing? Use a different device then, or turn off content blockers.


Don’t worry about that finally after 2 days I send the ticket to the technical team right now. The problem was they needed to open an ticket with different email address, which is completely strange, I open the ticket but when I back to my ifastnet account I cant see the ticket there, I think because I open it with different email address not with the same one with ifastnet account. Any way, I am waiting for their respond, hopefully their respond are not like their opening the ticket with a long process.
Do you know how long usually take for them to respond?

As I really need my website back by today

iFastNet is based out of Europe, so when it is daytime there, the response time is faster. There is nothing we can do to help you, you are no longer an InfinityFree customer.

When you create a ticket, make sure you enter your order/invoice ID and your domain name in the appropriate fields for faster assistance.

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I put all the details there for fast respond, but is there my way for you to back my website until I transfer it to the ifastnet? As I really need it to have my website today and tomorrow

I really don’t know when they answer me, it would be great if you let my website works by today and tomorrow until I get back from ifastnet

If your website is suspended, you have to wait out the suspension.
If your website is not suspended because you have changed DNS records, you can change the DNS records back to InfinityFree. Note that iFastNet may not migrate your website if the nameservers are not correct.

I would recomend just waiting for iFastNet to migrate your website. Watch some TV, go to sleep, and check back in after 8-10 hours have passed.


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