Trackers on my webiste

website account: epiz_26914834

Hi i just checked on my website with a browser extension called duck duck go for some reason it said it blocked two trackers owned by google. I’m confused i never put trackers on my website is this a forced tracker from infinity free is there any way to remove these trackers or are they stuck hidden on my site and i have no control over it? Also what are these trackers for in the first place.
(note: My site is no longer used but i keep it running)

Update: Restarted the website and all trackers were gone but i am now wondering how to prevent this and why it happens


Probably some random one off thing, the only cookies that are placed are the ones used as a defense against bots (excluding indexers).

We don’t inject anything into your website. So not sure what it triggered on.

Although, it could be this security system. If the tracking checker does execute Javascript but doesn’t accept cookies, that would cause it to be redirected to a Google support page about how to enable cookies (to prevent an infinite redirect loop):


Website worked fine did not have any redirects when I checked but I can’t check again right now due to a account suspension.

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