Totally frustrated newbie

I’m new to infinityfree and to WordPress and I’m totally confused. I got scriptaculous to make a WordPress website, which it duly lists, and I can click on its name and get the example pages, but nowhere can I find how/where to use the WordPress tools to edit it. How do I get from my infinityfree account, or my CPanel control panel, or scriptaculous, or somewhere!, to WordPress so I can start adding pages? Can somebody help please?


Thank you. What I need however is not guidance on using WordPress, but guidance on how to launch, aka open, aka invoke, aka get to see, a WordPress editing screen or menu that’s pointing at my website.
Scriptaculous says it’s installed WordPress but nowhere do I see a link or button marked “WordPress” for launching it, which is what I’m used to seeing appear after installing software on my laptop or phone.

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Go to on your browser, replacing with your domain name, then login with the admin credentials you’ve created in Softaculous, and then if you want to create pages click on “Pages” and click on “Add New” or whatever you will see to open the editor and create a new page.


Thank you! That’s what I was missing, I have it now.

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