Total Newbee, totally lost

Made a website through infinity free, I think! I made a site on my computer using MSpublisher, saved it as an HTML and uploaded it using file manager to the htdocs folder where it tells me to save it to. It has come to my attention that the Index.files folder also has to be uploaded as well. Confusion starts here, as the file manager does not allow me to upload folders so I copied all the files loose and also placed them in the htdocs folder. Seems wrong somehow, that folder seems really messy now but I didn’t know what else to do. Been weeks, still not working. Clearly I did something completely wrong but I don’t even know where to begin.

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please give us your website URL

Hello! Thanks for your help. I have made more efforts and a little progress but the symptoms of my problems have changed. So, now I can see and access the site in perfect working order from my own computer, but when examined from another device I only see the raw files. Wondering if somehow my website was reading files straight from my pc even though I was looking from the browser, I changed file name on my hard drive from which the files were uploaded from - made no difference.

Oh and something else I discovered, the site does not load from IE11 on my computer (just shows an Infinity Free promotional page , although I can access it with Firefox.

Sorry for the partial stories…using Firefox rather than IE, I managed to upload the whole file folder index.files from my MSpublisher to the htdocs directory (and deleted all the loose files I copied and pasted prior). This gave me functioning graphics, links, etc but again - only on my own pc and only with Firefox.

I see a directory listing on your website as well.

To fix this, you can rename the file index.htm to index.html. By default, the server is only configured to look for files called index.php or index.html, not index.htm.

As to why it works on some devices and not on others, this is most likely a cache issue. You can work around this by opening the website in Private Browsing mode, which doesn’t use or keep caches.

Hey that’s wonderful, I changed it and it works perfectly just as you said. Weird because that’s how publisher saves it, I didn’t name it. Thanks so much for your help.

OH WAIT! Clicking on “home” page does not seem to function. I spoke too soon.

When I go straight to the site the home page displays. Then if I wander off to other pages and try to hit “home” it gives me a 404 error. Alternatively, if I hit the back key I can get back to the home page. Could this be because I renamed to .html in the file manager rather than renaming it on my pc and re-uploading it?


rename your index.html to index.htm (as it was before)

than create .htaccess file in htdocs folder
with this content

# start here
DirectoryIndex index.htm

Thanks for the help Oxydac, however it didn’t seem to make a difference. I tried both with both index.html and index.htm - although I’m a little confused about if I made the file correctly. When I created a file in file manager, it opened up a window with numbered lines. I copied and pasted your lines in exact formatting as per your suggestion which ended up looking like this:

1 # start here
2 DirectoryIndex index.htm

Of course, I then saved it as per your suggestion. I also observed there is already an .htaccess file in the main directory whilst yours was in the htdocs folder. I did not actually look to see what lines were in the other one. Perhaps I’ll go back and take a peek at the other.

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The .htaccess setting you used look good to me, and the links all seem to work. Please be sure to check it in private browsing mode as well, to prevent any caching from generating bad results.

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Hey that’s great, thanks guys. I actually had to read back and remember to delete cookies again and it works. I’d like to ask a new question although not sure if I should start a new thread. I’ll try here for now. Seeing as IF has free unlimited space, I felt inclined to add some nice hi-res photos to my site. Could someone advice where I would upload these photos (make a new folder in my file manager or use existing one) and how would I go about linking them to my webpage that I’ve made in publisher?

much harder (do not use Office for building a website) :slight_smile:

the problem is that your website uses XML
and with something similar to the image map (coordorigin, coordsize, etc.)
and all the simple things that HTML5 offers can not be used
or it is harder to fit them into existing pages

as far as HQ images are concerned
you have to keep in mind the speed with which your site opens (renders)
the more large files you have - this visitor waits longer for your page to appear completely

in folder or not - it’s easier to separate different resources into separate entities( easier to navigate, edit, and maintain )

Mnn, I doubt as if I can find a better software for free - at least until I learn how this all works. I was hoping to display thumbnails on a webpage within the site, but then when clicked on allow the page to access a higher res photo - so this way the page wouldn’t have to load it every time. I know a lot of sites do this, just don’t know how it’s done. I tried linking a thumbnail to an external photo hosting site but it really doesn’t work nicely at all.

Would something like wordpress be of more use to me?

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yes :slight_smile:

you can have three acc
it would be best to choose a new one in the client area
and experimenting on it with WordPress until you get some basics of WP

mostly jQuery is used for such things
and then some plugin that does a lot of other things

because it is not the “same” mouse click or the fingers on the smartphone,
effects, auto-resize images depending on the size of the screen (resolution), lazy load, etc.

Yea I don’t think that’s going to work. I downloaded wordpress and can’t even figure out how to install it.

there is a simpler way
pay attention to the directory field

Hahaha, ok, I’ve already got it installed and got 2 links given to me including admin link. Problem is I open the links and can’t find any interface to work with.