I have the same problem, it is intermittent, after a few minutes it reloads.
sometimes it says error 502 BAD GATEWAY

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Do you still have that problem? as far as it seems to me it started to work.


It would be faster if you upload the video file to YouTube (if you own the copyright) and then use it as background (via the corresponding code).


The problem persists, and is intermittent.

the video is not the problem, since I have a test site with the same web and it does not present problems.

Then don’t use a proxy

It’s a matter of speed, once you have a video file in the browser cache, it goes fast,
but first-time visitors to your site won’t see the video quickly,
because this is website hosting and then some of the media extensions (mp3, mp4, etc.) are under bandwidth throttling (they download slower) so it takes longer for your video to appear.


its not a video or proxy problem, look at the page now, i remove all files and the problem persist, a few minutes it works then not anymore

When I wrote it, it worked

but right now is down (and a few more IPs)


how long does it take to solve? I have more than 24 hours with the intermittent problem

It will be solved when the underlying problem is discovered. It could be 1 hour, or it could be more. There is no way to currently tell.


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