Ошибка 500

Всем привет. Сначала после регистрации хостинга, работали все скрипты и устанавливались легко. Через некоторое время я установил один CMS движок, и после него стало вылетать сообщение 500 об ошибке. Я удалил аккаунт (хотел создать новый что-бы заработал сайт. А он продолжает до сих пор выдавать ошибку 500…

Я уже и httacess удалил. И версии PHP менял. Ничего не заработало. Что делать?

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Hi all. At first, after hosting registration, all scripts worked and were installed easily. After some time, I installed one CMS engine, and after it a 500 error message began to fly out. I deleted my account (I wanted to create a new one so that the site would work. And it still continues to give an error 500 …

I already deleted httacess. And PHP versions changed. Nothing worked. What to do?

Perhaps this should help…

Did you clear browser cache?


Да. Я чистил кеш. Переустанавливал браузер. Всё тоже самое. Пробовал с мобильного зайти на сайт. Тоже самое.

We cannot help you if you do not provide the domain name.
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Did you do what the rest of the article says?


Yes, I tried to change the PHP version, to no avail

Article did not mention that.
Did you do this?


Yes. Error: Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘.’, expecting ‘&’ or variable (T_VARIABLE) in /home/vol8_7/epizy.com/epiz_31862353/htdocs/wp-includes/functions.php on line 1128

The fact is that I tried to install completely different CMS and those that were already standing and working. But! This error just appeared. He never leaves. Only Html pages work.

This should help


I first installed the DataLife Engine and it worked. Then I tried to install the plugin into the DataLife Engine system and I got error 500. After that, I reinstalled the DataLife Engine and the site worked for a while until error 500 appeared again. Next, I have already tried to install various other engines, which after uploading to the FTP server did not even start to install. And the latest version of WordPress also does not start.
I read the FAQ. I repeated everything that is written there. It didn’t help.

Did you hit the inode limit?


Perhaps I tried to download different cms after the first error 500, they first installed, and then the site stopped responding. Html only works. And when will the error disappear?

The error will disappear as soon as no broken code is being loaded in when the page is opened.

So you can either do what KangJL told you to do:

Or just remove everything from the htdocs folder and reinstall WordPress with Softaculous.


Why did the DLE (from the same archive) loaded twice work initially on the PHP 7 version. And the third time it stopped working. Error 500 has also started to come out on DLE and other engines are no longer working!? phpBB, WordPress, ModX, CMS on files without MySQL? Why did the scripts that worked before the error stop working?

The only thing I can do is check what’s on your site right now and check why that isn’t working. I don’t know why your DataLife site broke because I’ve never seen it. All I know is that you had a WordPress site that got corrupted.

If you prefer to use DataLife, you can just try to setup DataLife again. And if it breaks, just come here so we can try to help you.


Да WordPerss был загружен для попытки установки. В данный момент я ещё раз пытался загрузить DataLife. Ошибка 500 вышла опять. В данный момент я загрузил другой скрипт. Который работает без MySQL и работает без проблем.

Я сам не могу понять что такое с сервером. Ошибки раньше не было. Но после того как она появилась, стала срабатывать на всех скриптах. Datalife, WordPress, PhpBB, InstantCMS, MODx, ExBB Forum - установился. Но в меню администратора не зайти. Так как видимо скрипт какой-то не читается…

Давайте я загружу DataLife Engine, которая до ошибки работала… И вы посмотрите в чём может быть проблема!?
Я сделаю это сейчас… :wink:

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Yes, WordPerss was downloaded to try the installation. At the moment, I’ve tried to download DataLife again. Error 500 came out again. I’ve downloaded another script at the moment. Which works without MySQL and works without problems.

I can’t understand what’s wrong with the server myself. There was no mistake before. But after it appeared, it began to work on all scripts. Datalife, WordPress, PhpBB, InstantCMS, MODx, ExBB Forum - installed. But you can’t go to the administrator menu. Since apparently some script is not readable…

Let me download the DataLife Engine, which worked before the error… And you’ll see what the problem could be!?

I’ll do it now…

In general, I downloaded the DataLife Engine version now … And it installed and started working. The thread can be closed. I did this: in the browser, the opera pressed CTRL + SHIFT + I with the page open and ticked the “Disable Cash” box in the window. Then I pressed CTRL + R and after updating the page loaded.

Please do this


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