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Access denied for user ‘epiz_22752012’@‘%’ to database ‘epiz_22752012_vkr’ ??? ???, ??? ??? ??? ???.

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<?php define ("DBHOST", "sql200.epizy.com"); define ("DBNAME", "epiz_22752012_vkr"); define ("DBUSER", "epiz_22752012"); define ("DBPASS", "Bfl1ZSa45zMCwq"); define ("PREFIX", "vii"); define ("COLLATE", "utf8"); $db = new db; ?>

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I tried to search your error in google, so I found a lot of pages that have same error on same CMS, it’s application error.

First of all, please use English as it’s generally-accepted and being standard language for international discussion.

  • I hope this DBPASSof yours is not real/already changed for public posting, otherwise you must change it for your own safety.
  • And I do hope you already put those definitions into mysqli_connect() (or just mysqli()) parameters. The structure was: mysqli(host_name, username, password, [opt.]db)
  • This new db; looks odd for me. Is it refer to another PHP file (class)?

As I just read, your application(CMS) need InnoDB engine, this is not supported on free shared hosting so you are unable to fix it and run your social network on this hosting.

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Where does they run it successfully? Links?

I’ve reset your hosting account password. NEVER SHARE ANY PASSWORD WITH ANYONE, INCLUDING INFINITYFREE STAFF. This of course also extends to publicly visible forums.

Also, I don’t speak Russian. This is an English language forum, please write your messages in English.

¿? where are you??

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