Topic not readed properly

Hi. I was scrolling forum on my phone, and everytime i read a topic, the topic wasn’t readed properly, leaving unread count on that topic everytime i’m coming back.
Making sure this isn’t Discourse’s problem, i check on Discourse Meta, read the topic, and that topic was readed fine, no problem.
Here’s the proof.

IF’s forum

Discourse Meta’s forum

Kindly fix this. Thanks :slight_smile:

Odd, I’ve never experienced this issue myself. Although the read statuses are a bit flaky sometimes, especially if you don’t scroll all the way to the bottom and have multiple tabs open. But I never use the forum on mobile, so that may matter.

That said, I have no way to fix this. This forum is running an unmodified copy of the latest stable version of Discourse. Cloudflare does run here, but the more destructive options like Rocket Loader are disabled.


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