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Error: This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.


I had added a redirect to my website so I could make use of the SSL Certificate, however my page keeps getting this error, and now I cannot go to the redirect page for some reason, I’ve cleared my cache already, deleted my SSL certificate and made a new one, and the problem still persists. I can’t remove the redirect because the page on infinity free doesn’t load for it.

Your website is working fine for new visitors. Please try clearing your browser cache, thank you.


Yes thats because we added another account and put it on there, but on phone it does not work, and adding an SSL Certificate to it with a redirect may do the same thing but I’m not sure.

Please clear the cache on your phone than.

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on phone it gives me a 404 error saying, to make sure i typed everything correctly but its exactly the same web address.

By moving the site to a different account, your domain name was moved to a different IP address. You almost surely don’t need to do anything special for that yourself, but it should be noted that it can take up to 72 hours for the website to come up again for everyone.

And just a hunch as for the initial redirects issue: do NOT use the Redirects tool in the control panel for forcing HTTPS. It doesn’t work and only generates redirect loops. The KB has .htaccess snippets you can use instead.

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