Too many redirects error redirected you too many times.

Try clearing your cookies.

whats the problem here?

This issue is most likely caused on your end not on IF so I’m not sure why you would post this error here but either way I’ll help you anyway.
You could try restarting your system, clearing your cookies, clearing your cache, or restarting your browser.

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I already did that but the error still exits. I even tried to open it in a different browser…its the same error

Can you try to open it on your browser?
The link is

I’m afraid I cannot help you any further as I cannot open the URL because I am using a school-issued computer. I will try on my phone but it will most likely will not work, if not you would need to wait for other users in the forum.

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Read to see if applicable


I am not using wordpress but vanilla plugin and it seems to work fine when it suddenly started giving this error

Seems to be working fine from here:

It’s a free subdomain, which means you can’t use Cloudflare.


Yeah I corrected it. There was an active redirect pointing to the address itself creating an infinity loop. After removing it the site is back online.
I have also connected it with a new domain

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