Title and meta description tags

My website URL is http://androar.ga

The problem is that in seo checkers I’m getting “no title tag”
and “No meta description”

I have tried to inactive all plugins but the same problem.

I am using yoast seo and I added both meta and title tags

I checked the header.php

and i have the function support so the problem is not from the theme.

I changed the theme and same problem.

So my last experiment was to try the same settings and plugins on other hosting provider and the seo checker saw the title and meta description of the site with the same theme.

So i added a new domain to infinityfree hosting and installed the wordpress on it … and i didn’t add any plugin
I checked the seo and the title tag is missing
I think the problem is from the installation of WordPress itself because neither the theme nor the plugins are damaged.
So can you help me to know how to fix this please.

Yes you are right!
Due to privacy and security concern it is disabled by system!
So it won’t work
It can be read only by browser not bot


The search engines will see theme ?

Like you mean only seo checkers won’t see theme ?

because I’m actually worried of searching abilities.

And is there any way to enable theme ?

Search engines like Google and Bing which can execute JavaScript and store cookies can see that metadata.

Other SEO checkers, like ones that just cURL the website, will not work because of the security system.

What theme?


Actually seo checkers comes under bot so I can’t see the theme or tags.

May be premium hosting will help

Never mind typing mistake.


By theme I meant them (title and meta description)
but the keyboard rewrote it.

Thank you so much guys.

I have been trying to fix this issue for 3 days and now you are saying there is no issue.

I should be asked here first.
Thank you so much.


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