Tired of Uploading files with filezilla. Want do that from my site. Not allowing me to upload >10M

I want to upload my files from my site instead of using filezilla. The fact is, I want some of my friends to contribute to my site by programming. As you know, it requires to check after upload if the codes are working fine or not. But I don’t want to share my FTP password with them. So we have to go a long way, which is, they send the file to my, I upload it. If I found a problem, I inform them to fix that. So I choose to make an upload page. I am facing “

413 Request Entity Too Large


while uploading a 30mb file. Plz help, and allow me to upload at least 50mb. This would be highly appreciated. I am a highschool student, and I can’t afford any premium plans right now. Though the codes are smaller, but some other small material got a huge size. So If we compressed all file as zip, it comes around 20 mb. Please help


unzip files on your PC and then upload files piece by piece into appropriate folders (keep structure if necessary)