Tips/advice on how to reduce number of monthly socket connections


I am trying to reduce the number of socket connections to stay under the 10k/month free limit, but I don’t have a great understanding of what is considered a socket connection, so if anybody could point me to some tutorials or online resources to figure out exactly what is considered a socket connection that would be much appreciated.

Some basic starting questions I have are:

  • What is considered an individual socket connection?
  • Is the socket connections limit only server side based or do browsing clients also increase socket connections?
  • How many socket connections are created due to a certain action? (e.g. web page load vs. FTP transfer vs. img vs. remote script src vs. php file_get_contents, etc.)
  • Can socket connections be tracked and tallied using php or javascript?
  • What is the best way to optimize/reduce the number of socket connections?
  • Is it possible to bundle together requests/connections so that they only use a single socket connection?

Apologies if this is pretty basic knowledge, but I am not familiar with this terminology and any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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I had to look first what you were talking about. Not many people hit this limit.

Looking at your site, I think I see what happened. As far as I can tell, it’s some kind of automated downloading site, right? If so, the HTTP calls you’re doing to the servers you’re downloading from is probably the reason you hit the socket limit.

How to fix this? Simple: don’t host that script with us. We provide website hosting, which is hosting intended to host websites. Our hosting is not intended to host a free file backup or downloading service. So please move that script elsewhere.


Hi Admin,

Thanks for your reply! I do believe that script is the culprit and it is due to a much too short cron job frequency that I am having issues changing, but support is helping me with the error codes (well I think I can add a new one (making it worse), but I can’t delete the existing cron job).

The site isn’t an automated downloading site, that script was just a feature I was testing. It queries a snow level webcam and downloads an image at a set interval. I was prototyping an idea to show a timelapse of the last 24h and only hold on to a few day’s worth of images (not implemented yet). I think if I reduce the interval it will will not be nearly so resource intensive, but I am working with support to change the frequency.

If that doesn’t work I will abandon the idea as it is just an extra feature to show on the page, but if you know of a better service to host such a script if it ends up still being too heavy please do share, thanks!

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That sounds a lot like an automated downloading activity to me. We don’t allow that, even if it isn’t the main purpose of the site.

wow ok, I’m surprised that this wouldn’t be allowed across the board. From your reply it sounds like even paid service would not allow this. there seems to be a disconnect between the forum and the cpanel support replies, but I have disabled the cron and will look into alternatives.

I’m not sure about the rules on paid hosting. But the client area tickets are answered by iFastNet, so if they say it’s OK, then it’s OK.


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