Tip for faster FTP upload and download in FileZilla

Ever wondered why it takes so long to upload or download files to/from InfinityFree using FileZilla? I also faced similar issue while taking a backup of my website. Then I realized FileZilla only done up to 2 simultaneous transfers, which I personally think is very few.

After searching how to increase the simultaneous transfers online, I was able to increase my simultaneous transfers by up to 10. It really helped speeding up my website backup process. That’s why I want to share this tip to you, so you can save your time on waiting the upload and download process to and from InfinityFree in FileZilla.

So, how to increase the FileZilla simultaneous transfer settings? Find out below!

How to do it

  1. Open FileZilla.

  2. Navigate to “Edit” at the top left of your FileZilla window and click on “Settings”.

  3. Inside the “Select page” section, click the “Transfers” page.

  4. Change “Maximum simultaneous transfers” to a higher number (I recommend at least 5, or if you have a stable internet connection, you can change up to 10). This will increase the maximum file transfers which can be done simultaneously.

  5. Click the “OK” button under the “Select page” section. And you’re done!

I hope my small tip can help you achieve much faster FTP uploads and downloads, especially when you’re making a backup of your InfinityFree website. Be sure to give a like if my tip helps you!

Thanks for reading!



I think when you do 10 the server usually blocks it due to 10 clients going onto the ftp at the same time.

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What do you think is the safest number?

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Ask Admin for that, but I personally use 10 for InfinityFree websites.

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I believe 10 concurrent connections works fine here. We don’t set very tight connection limits, we just have a short inactivity timeout to keep the server available.

I usually just start at the maximum and then tone it down according to the server. It helps to keep an eye on the Failed Transfers and the connection log at the top of the screen. If you see error messages there about having too many connections, you can reduce the concurrent connections.


2-4 connections.


Thanks for the tips guys!

Your welcome!

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