"Timed Out" errors

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Website: Algatou.ml
User: epiz_29393919

Error Message

When I go to any of the PHP files, it just loads for a while and throws up a Timed out error.
The files are from a site called TutorialRepublic.com and I have verified they work on my alternative sites.
So what’s with my website? Cloudflare is configured exactly like other sites (except the main domain stuff obviously) and works fine with exact same configurations.
Is the hosting IP down or something?

Other Information

Cloudflare is being Used, configured exactly like all the other domains

This is what I see. Your files corrupted?


Ohhh I goofed.

I put it all in the wrong place

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Great, filemanager down again.

Try FileZilla. The online ones has issues. (Thats my opinion, but sometimes it truly doesn’t work.)

Hol’ up
Not the case.

Fixed all mysql stuff and still throwing timed out errors

Did you clear your cache?


Your site is working for me!

I was able to create an account (Username “example” so you can delete it if you want), login, and log back out. The “Reset Password” leads to a 404 error however.

Your ISP may be caching your site, so you may be able to view it by using a cellular network or a VPN.

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