Time for website to appear

Hey, is it gonna take 72 hours for my website to show cause all it shows right now is epizy
And some links. Also can I get a .com link with free host

Hi and welcome to the forum

please specify your domain or subdomain

you can choose one of the free subdomains
from control panel> subdomains



http://freeleaks.epizy.com/ That’s my website right now

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you can try this When will my domain name start working - Docs - InfinityFree Forum


Wait so is it because I’m in aus or will it connect soon?

can you visit this variant of the address and say what you see ?


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OK - your ISP, router, computer or XY device keeps DNS data in the cache and takes time to refresh it

if you are impatient then do some of the suggestions from the posts above

in addition clear the browser cache with CTRL + F5
while looking at your website


oh i think it just came up i can see website now

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Can you explain a little bit what you really want? (if my answer is not what you hoped for)

how do i remove the .epizy

also the site i cant access the admin page for mybb

You can buy your own .com domain with a domain registrar of your choice and add it to your account here.

We recommend NameSilo for this, because they have great pricing and include a lot of features for free:


After you’ve registered the domain, you can add it to your account:

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