Time ago is not correct

Why is that in my website everytime I post the timezone is incorrect it’s always say that it’s 3 mins ago even though I’ve just posted it.

That may just be the software you are using. I checked, and the server time is correct.


There might be an issue with the time of a server. But I need something more specific than “your website” to know which server to check.

Do you know if the code uses the time from the database or the time from the web server/PHP? And can you share a website URL that shows the (incorrect) server time? Or at least an account username?

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Oh I’ve just fixed it Yesterday thanks to this forum. I just used your suggestion in one of your answer in this forum. Cuz in my database I use the current timestamp and I think the problem is that the time zone of the database server, so instead of using current timestamp on my database table I just submit a timestamp to the server using time() and then convert it so it can be displayed correctly. http://ipt2.epizy.com/Interface2/home.php

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