Tidak bisa login ke website

saya membuat website, ketika saya coba di localhost bisa login ke dalam menu admin web. tapi ketika di hostingkan, statusnya checking terus tidak masuk-masuk kedalam menu admin. adakah yang bisa membantu?

Hello there,

First of all this is an International English forum and you must speak in English here and you can use an online machine translator if you need help.

Could you provide more information regarding your issue? Also what “admin menu” are you referring to? Did you mean about WordPress admin dashboard or are you using another software that has an “admin menu”? Or an “admin menu” you made yourself?


I’m also Indonesian. I can translate his reply. :wink:

I think it’s client area. :slight_smile:

Maksudmu yang tulisan “Please take a note, it can take up to 72 hours for your domain to be working”?

please speak in English, regardless of where you are from.


Just in case @dalban doesn’t understand English :wink:
Oh I need to completely use English?


@dalban tolong pakai bahasa inggris untuk forum ini

@dalban please use english for this forum

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Ujiangizi.epizy.com silahkan di cek di website itu agar jelas maksud saya😊

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Sorry i can speak english little bit.

You can use google translator to continue the discussion in English.

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Use google translate

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