This website cannot be accessed

For (WEEKS) I have not been able to access my website because it says: This website cannot be accessed.
What I do?


Works fine for me:

Try clearing your cache:


I still can’t access bro, I cleared the cache of both my entire operating system and opera and google chrome, I don’t know what else to do and I’m already getting frustrated.

You domain is on an affected IP


Well, it seems that it is working again, if it happens again, what should I do to solve the root problem once and for all?

Nothing. This is an internal problem, so until the servers are under a more manageable workload, your site may go in and out of service.


The situation is a bit discouraging, I thought it was some mistake of mine but thanks for solving my doubt brother

It is, although you can create a new account and migrate your website to it to prevent this from happening again in the near future.


I am able to access your domain and is working fine. May be you have installed security plugins which might have locked you out by blocking your IP. Do you have access to infinity hosting account and file manager? If yes then open it and delete your security plugins from wp-content folder of WordPress. That will solve your problem.

Sometimes ISP companies block certain static IP accounts. open shell and ping your website if it is responding or not. Try accessing your website through VPN.

@CyberStudent, the OPs site is working now, but due to the current instability in the IP it may go down again, that is what is being discussed.


Exactly, that’s the problem, sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t and so on, they told me to create another account and host my website there

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