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J’ai remarqué cet erreur sur mon site web et c’est le même erreur peut importe l’appareil utilisé. J’ai déjà essayé de supprimer les fichiers et de les remettre mais rien ne change, j’ai un certificat SSL de GoGetSSL valide mais j’ai quand même créé un nouveau certificat mais rien ne change. J’ai essayer de voir dans le fichier .htaccess mais rien ne règle le problème et je n’ai pas trouvé de solution.
Besoin d’aide SVP !!!

Please speak in english.

s’il vous plaît parlez en anglais.


Username (epiz_29489242)) or
Error message
This site is inaccessible does not allow connection.


other information
I noticed this error on my website and it’s the same error can import the device used. I have already tried deleting the files and putting them back but nothing changes, I have a valid SSL certificate from GoGetSSL but I even created a new certificate but nothing changes. I tried to look in the .htaccess file but nothing fixed the problem and I couldn’t find a solution.
Need help please!!!

(translated by Google Translate)

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Can you please tell me when did you make your website?

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I created the server on August 20, 2021

Do you remember when did you install the SSL certificate?
It is possible that your SSL certificate is expired.

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The last certificate I created it on December 1st and it expires on March 8th but normally an ssl certificate should not have too much impact on the operation of a website

Okay, got it.
Can you go to the SSL section of your website’s panel?
Externally, I can’t find any SSL certificates on your site.
Can you also send your website’s IP address?

Hopefully the private key and certificate are intact

This is not an SSL issue., the issue is that the IP your website is hosted on ( is currently not responding. Hopefully it will be repaired shortly.


I couldn’t even find an SSL certificate

Thank you very much for your help and I too hope this will be repaired

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