This site cant be reached is name of my domain i bought this domain from hostinger and conected wih my infinity free account by changing nameservers. but when i was installing free ssl the domain verification was not working with infinity free servers .there shows a current destination and not ready. i waited for 2 days but my domain was not verified. then i changed name servers to hostinger and installed ssl from zerossl after i was designing my website i hit daily limit and my website suspended for 24 hours while then nameservers were pointy to hostinger. after my account re activated i changed my domain name servers to infinity free servers but stll my website is not opening and countinoust show the following “site cannot be reached error” , kindly tell what i do

This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in

  • If spelling is correct, [try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAINte on which you are experiencing the problem)

Be patient, because every time you make changes to NS, you make a mess
and then it takes time for your ISP or device to get the latest state

Everything works fine for me
btw. your address is not www but a redirection to naked


If you are not patient - you can help yourself with this and speed things up
P.S. most routers need a restart to pull new settings


thanks that issue is resolved. i rest all the dns record counting one www. i have another issue kindly please can you guide me

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My website is like you have visited is ana amazon affiliate site. i share the links of my website but it dosent show the feature image or we call open graph image. can you please guide me

In most cases, OpenGraph previews cannot be loaded because those requests are blocked by security restrictions on our hosting. Unfortunately, that means OpenGraph previews are not supported for sites hosted here.


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