This site cant be reached


my website is
I have set up my infinity free account and have also updated my nameservers in my domain register account.
I am still getting the “Website can’t be reached” error when I try to access my website. I have also installed wordpress but I am not able to acess the admin account for wordpress- it gives me the same error.

Thank you in advance!


Track your progress: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool


So I have renewed my IP address and also Emptied the DNS cache of Google Chrome several hours ago and it still shows me the error. How long should I expect to wait until the error is fixed?

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Assuming it’s a cache issue, it can take up to 72 hours. It might be cached on your computer, you could try to empty the dns cache. Just look up “how to empty dns cache for [insert browser brand here]”. Additionally, the OS itself does cache DNS. You can also look up how to empty it by googling “how to empty dns cache for [insert OS here, usually windows. Be sure to include the version, e.g: windows 10]”.


showing that name servers in many countrys have not caught up yet, just have to wait a bit longer

click link below to check the current status of your website


Hey, I have tried running my site in the site and it showed me these errors. Any ideas how to fix them?

Ignore them. The tool cannot correctly read the nameservers because of this:


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